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    Here's The First Shot Of Danny Dyer In "EastEnders"

    The Cockney geezer will be joining the soap as the Queen Vic's new landlord.

    The first picture of Danny Dyer's new family in EastEnders has been released.


    The 'ard man will take over as Mick Carter, the new landlord of the Queen Vic, at Christmas. Mick is the brother of existing character, Shirley, and he will soon have the rest of his family in tow. Dyer's casting is the next stage of the recovery plan from the show's new producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins.

    My team have worked incredibly hard over the past few months to create the Carters – a contemporary British family with cracks, knocked edges and a touch of darkness that is going to make them very special to watch. A family of strong characters who love and hate each other, all rooted in the best traditions of EastEnders.
    BBC / Tom Phillips


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