“Fresh Meat” Series 3 Will Be Streamed Online First

The excellent student sitcom is back next week.

1. Jack Whitehall and Joe Thomas are back next week for a third series of Channel 4’s hit student sitcom. But there’s a modern twist.

Channel 4

The first episode of the new series will debut on 4od next Monday, October 28, before debuting on Channel 4 the following Monday at 10pm.

2. The gang are now in their second year, but they haven’t grown up, according to writer Sam Bain:

If anything the reverse. One of the pitches is that we’ve got a new housemate replacing the absent Josie, who’s in Southampton as we start the series. So we’ve got Candice, who’s a first year Fresher, and they – and particularly Oregon – treat her like she’s about ten years younger than them, and they know it all, and have seen things she couldn’t possibly imagine. They treat her with that kind of attitude. In their minds, they’ve moved on, but in reality they haven’t.

Channel 4

The first two series are available for catch-up now on 4od.

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