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    Derren Brown Is Plotting An Art Heist For His Next Trick

    He plans to steal a valuable work from under Ivan Massow's nose.

    Derren Brown plans to steal a work of art in his next TV special.

    Getty / Stuart Wilson

    In Derren Brown: The Great Art Robbery, the illusionst and trickster bets renowned collector Ivan Massow that he can steal one of his paintings from under his nose. He tells which painting he's targeting, what time the theft will take place, and even gives him a photo of the person who will steal it.

    The work in question is by Turner Prize nominees Jake and Dinos Chapman.

    To pull it off, he recruits the most "invisible" people in society - the elderly.


    Through a series of tests and missions, he teaches his senior citizens the core skills needed to pull off the gallery theft: how to move together in perfect synchronicity and with perfect timing; how to deceive a security guard who will be expecting the theft to take place; and how to hold their nerve when they’re most under pressure.

    This has been nerve-wracking for me and my team, leaving such an extraordinary task entirely in the hands of a group of contributors to pull off. The idea was to use the fact tat the elderly tend to be treated as invisible as a strength. There's only so much training you can give, so many worst-case scenarios you can try to cover. I'm used to feeling in control with these shows – but not this one. It's a big caper: fun, edge-of-seat, hopefully taking you to unexpected places.

    Channel 4 airs Derren Brown: The Great Art Robbery in December.

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