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    Chic's 'Good Times' As Performed By A Welsh Male Voice Choir

    These are the good times.

    This is the best video you will watch today.

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    Festival No. 6

    The Brythoniaid Welsh Male Voice Choir performing 'Good Times' by Chic.

    The special cover was commissioned for Festival No. 6 next month, where Chic and Nile Rodgers will be performing.

    Getty / Peter Kramer

    The Festival takes place in the Welsh town of Portmeirion, September 13-15. Each night, the choir will perform 'Good Times' in the village piazza.

    Portmeirion is a gorgeous Italianate village on the Welsh coast, built from parts of other buildings from all over Europe.

    Getty / Christopher Furlong

    It was built by eccentric architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis in 1926. He wanted to prove that buildings could enhance a landscape's natural beauty, rather than corrupting it.

    The village gained cult status when 1960s sci-fi series The Prisoner was filmed there.

    Getty / Bruno Vincent

    The second Festival No. 6 also sees headline slots from Manic Street Preachers and My Bloody Valentine.

    Getty / Christopher Furlong

    Elsewhere on the bill are James Blake, Johnny Marr, These New Puritans, Everything Everything, Neon Neon, Frankie Knuckles, and a revived BBC Radiophonic Workshop, playing their first ever festival.

    Here is the choir performing New Order's "Blue Monday" from last year.

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    Festival No. 6

    Also amazing.