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    Bret McKenzie From "Flight Of The Conchords" Is Doing An Animated Comedy All About NASA

    And he's teaming up with the brains behind King Of The Hill for it.

    Bret McKenzie from Flight Of The Conchords is returning to TV with a new animated comedy.

    Not content with starring in the next two Hobbit movies and writing the soundtrack to the Muppets sequel, he's just inked a deal for a script and pilot presentation for a new grown-up cartoon for Fox.

    It's all about NASA!

    But this is a "deteriorating, demoralised" NASA. The workplace comed centres on a group of friends working at an obsolete space centre in Boulder, Colorado.

    The brains behind King Of The Hill are in on it too.

    McKenzie is co-writing the project with that show's veterans Tony Gama-Lobo and Rebecca May.

    So that's all quite exciting, really.

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