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    26 Reasons Why Rock'n'Roll Will Never Die

    Because God put it in the soul of everyone.

    This might have been everywhere you looked this year.

    And people get a bit like this when talking about "the state of the music business".

    Pop music may look like it's taken over the world completely.

    But you must never lose hope. Because rock'n'roll will outlive all of us.

    For it is a noble calling that has already survived things like Atlamont and Napster.

    1. Because the devil has all the best tunes and the devil is not going anywhere.

    2. And there are few things capable of speaking to more people than three chords and the truth.

    3. Rock n' roll helps make sense of life's struggles, providing us with a binary division of all things.

    4. It has so many varied and wonderful offshoots, such as...

    5. And punk.

    6. And of course, METAL.

    7. And the spirit it embodies will never be entirely defeated.

    8. Because Keith Richards is still alive.

    9. Because of the time Freddie Mercury said this.

    10. Because of how cool Liam Gallagher looks smoking a cigarette.

    11. Because the Manic Street Preachers will never give up.

    12. Because Lou Reed's shit really was worth more than other people's diamonds.

    13. Because Iron Maiden prove it.

    14. Also see: Metallica

    15. Because KISS picture condoms are things that actually exist to buy.

    16. Because this life lesson from Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is absolutely the truth.

    17. Because of shake.

    18. Of rattle.

    19. And of roll.

    20. Because Elvis lives on in all our hips.

    21. Rock n' roll will never die, because Dave Grohl won't let it.

    22. Because he knows this to be true.

    23. Because few feelings can ever top the transcendent power of the pit.

    24. Because this quote from Kim Fowley, former manager of The Runaways, is the truest thing anyone ever said.

    25. Because this six-year-old death metal singer proves the force is strong in the younger generation.

    View this video on YouTube

    In fact, heavy metal children are becoming quite the thing actually.

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    26. And this matters because as somebody once said, the children are our future.

    So, remember. You're never too young, or too old, to rock out.

    Which is why you must always, always keep the faith.