19 Things Only Beatles Fans Will Find Funny

    Because sometimes, all you need is LOLz.

    1. This piece of wisdom.

    2. This silly walk.

    3. This vision of a parallel universe.

    4. This explanation.

    5. These conversations.

    6. This illustration of the stages of evolution.

    7. This division of labour.

    8. This Batman adventure.

    9. The Beagles.

    10. Everything about this.

    11. This universal truth.

    12. John Lennon's dork face here.

    13. This adventure in Middle Earth.

    14. This Tim Burton Reference.

    15. This bit of shit-stirring between the two surviving members.

    16. This historical fact.

    17. This extremely disturbing Fall Out Boy photoshop.

    18. This attack of the Michelin Man.

    19. And these adorable cats.