17 Reasons Why The Return Of “Monty Python” Is Just The Best

There is now so much more cause to look on the bright side of life.

1. The Monty Python gang are getting back together and this is just the most wonderful news.

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2. They announced it in a special announcement in London today.

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John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam will reunite for a show at London’s 02 Arena on July 1 2014. And they’ll no doubt announce further shows when this one sells out because that’s what usually happens in these situations.

Eric Idle


Gotta run. Big day. Hope I can make my tweet work from my cellphone. Wait was it tweet or twerk? Anyway later.

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Eric Idle


All Pythons here, drinking tea, coffee, they’re almost human.

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3. Although the news had already been front-page news.

4. The show will provide “a modern topical Python-esque twist on some of their old hits.”

“I think you can expect a lot of comedy, a little pathos, some music and a little bit of ancient sex,” said Terry Jones. They also promised cross-dressing and probably twerking. Arlene Phillips will choreograph the song-and-dance numbers. But the focus will be on what everybody knows they wants. “I once saw Neil Diamond almost get booed offstage for playing new songs all the way through the second half,” said Cleese.

5. Monty Python’s Flying Circus was brilliant. For example, the news would be read in the midst of the oncoming tide.

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6. Shopkeepers would argue with customers over whether parrots were dead or not, it really was fabulous.

7. Nobody ever expected the Spanish Inquisition.


8. Giant chickens with human legs would parade the streets.

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9. Buttocks would be fondled.

10. Completely different things often followed.

Okay, this time really for something completely different.

12. Lumberjacks were okay.

13. And film criticism was always taken incredibly seriously.


14. An ordinary man named Brian was mistaken for the messiah, when in actual fact he was just a very silly boy.

15. And while not everything was always rosy.

16. There was always a bright side to be looked upon.

17. So welcome back, Pythons. We salute you.

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