10 Special Secrets From The Cast Of "Hollyoaks"

Britain's most bonkers soap is turning 18. We paid them a visit to see what's up.

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Hollyoaks had a party ahead of their 18th birthday and so I went along to explore Chester's most dangerous suburb for myself.

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A fun gang of journalists took a trip to the studios in Childwall, just outside Liverpool, to see what goes on. The show is on an upward curve at the moment, with the return of golden-era producer Bryan Kirkwood to the show. It even won five trophies at thus year's British Soap Awards. EastEnders by contrast only got one.

We were shown some very exciting footage of what Hollyoaks has in store for the autumn.

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The centrepiece is the show's regular annual cull, a massive explosion that is the biggest stunt they have ever undertaken.

Even Evil Trevor looks worried.

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Actually, we learned a lot of secrets coming up from Hollyoaks that we're not allowed to tell you yet. But rest assured it's going to be HUGE.

5. Even little Ellis Hollins (Tom) was getting in on the act.

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Jimmy wasn't on set on the day so wasn't able to defend himself. Neither was Frankie so I didn't get to meet her, which was the only real downside of the day.

While all this was going on, I took Jorgie Porter (Theresa) for a small white wine at the Dog In The Pond.

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We were trying to work out whether out of all the unpunished murderers of Hollyoaks, Theresa had gotten away with it for the longest.

6. Meanwhile back at College Coffee, Jeremy Edwards (Kurt) revealed a secret from way back in the dawn of Hollyoaks.

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Despite his character being killed in an offscreen jetski accident in 1999, the original Hollyoaks hunk is back in this year's series of Hollyoaks Later. He will appear as an angel-like figure to best mate Tony, who is battling testicular cancer.

8. Alex Fletcher (Diane) couldn't think of anything, so I did one for her.

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We decided to retcon Diane's backstory so that she is actually Alex's old Brookside character Jacqui Dixon in witness protection. It is already established that Brookside and Hollyoaks exist in the same universe because they once crossed over the character of Matt Musgrove, so this is the most rational explanation.

We made a little video to illustrate the situation.

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Behind the camera is the executive producer Bryan Kirkwood, so that is the kind of happy ship that is Hollyoaks.

We also discussed how much we think Chester's most reliably mid-market prostitute might charge.

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Stephanie Davis who plays Sinead reckoned, "probably not very much". And I think now I would like Stephanie to be my new best friend.

In a worrying development, it looks like Tom has run away from home.

And I'll bet it's got something to do with that nasty Sienna. Maybe this child is not so invincible after all.