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    Posted on Aug 12, 2013

    12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Television

    All of these make us feel a little bit sad inside.

    1. Only 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers were ever made. However, there were 76 episodes of Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps.


    2. BBC Three axed Being Human. But they kept Snog Marry Avoid.

    3. 33.7million people watched the Frasier finale but that was 2.6million less than watched the Family Ties finale.

    4. The ninth most-watched broadcast on British television was Miss World 1967 with 23.67million viewers.

    Dennis Oulds / Via Hulton Archive

    5. The only comedy in the top ten is an episode of To The Manor Born from 1979.


    The highest rated episode of the brilliant Only Fools And Horses came in at 23.

    6. American Idol was the most watched TV show of the entire 2000s.

    Young Munchkin / Via

    7. Just 58,000 Brits watched the series six premiere of Mad Men on BBC Four.


    8. In 2011, an episode of Doctor Who was beaten in the ratings by All Star Family Fortunes.


    9. In 2000, Freaks And Geeks was axed after one series. The same year as Gilmore Girls began its seven-year run.



    10. Surprise Surprise has been revived in the UK but The Crystal Maze has not.

    Getty / Ian Gavan
    Getty / David Weislig

    11. Budget cuts meant the brilliant Burton And Taylor was the last ever drama from BBC Four.

    12. This was after the BBC spent £22million on The Voice

    Eresloquekiero / Via