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    35 Horror Stories That Prove "Action Park" Was The Most Dangerous Park Ever

    Last week Dailymotion and Mashable released a documentary on the notoriously dangerous ACTION PARK… which left the Internet awash in water park horror stories from New Jersey residents.

    1. Action Park was pain for the whole family. This dude's whole lineage suffered...

    2. And this story reads like a real-life Final Destination movie.

    3. At Action Park,sometimes you had to crawl your way out of a dark hole.

    4.The staffers got hurt too!

    5. Injuries apparently included but were not limited to ELECTROCUTION

    6. Diet camps brought their kids there and had them jump off of cliffs.

    7. It also had a waterslide that went IN A COMPLETE UPSIDE-DOWN LOOP


    9. This can't be true, can it? Tell me it isn't real.

    10. The Alpine Slide was the sort of ride that could FUSE YOU TO YOUR T-SHIRT


    12. Losing skin was just part of the experience

    13. How many fun parks leave you with a leg that looks like "ground beef"?? At least one. Action Park.

    14. The phrase "no skin off my back" had WEIGHT at Action Park

    15. Some theme parks leave guests with souvenir keychains, Action Park left many with souvenir scars.

    16. You weren't even safe if you WANTED to go slow.

    17. This guy is still having back problems.

    18. Uhhhhhh......

    19. Because the speed and friction aren't terrifying enough, the bacterial water gave this lady HEP A.

    20. Even the bumper boats were snapping tibias in half...

    21. At Action Park you could just FALL RIGHT OUT OF THE WATERSLIDES

    22. Concussions!

    23. WHAT? NO. STOP IT.

    24. Ambulances in the area were known as the ACTION PARK EXPRESS.

    25. Think only the rule-breakers got hurt? WRONG.

    26. The standard ride testing/design process merely warded off DISMEMBERMENT

    27. The New Jersey summer weather was nice... when it wasn't RAINING RACCOONS.

    28. It probably didn't help that EVERYONE WAS WASTED

    29. "I was covered in blood."

    30. Fall off your raft? It's right into a cave of jagged rocks for you.

    31. The free enemas weren't openly advertised but they were widely known.

    32. "He needed BRAIN SURGERY."

    33. Got your nose!

    34. Action Park was also known as Traction Park for a reason.

    35. The wave pool's nickname was THE GRAVEPOOL

    How could such a place exist? Watch Part 1 of the Dailymotion/Mashable doc on Action Park here.

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    And that didn't even cover the deaths. There were a few. Thus...

    Watch Part 2, chronicling the park's closing.

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    Ok, now share your scar photos. This post needs more scar photos. Bring it, Jersey.