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DIY Steps: How To Make A Simple And Safe Fire Pit

One of the fun things about camping is building a fire pit and spending the cold nights around it. You don’t have to go far and camp out to have the fire pit experience. You can easily build one at your own backyard. Aside from that, a backyard fire pit is a popular landscaping feature. It is attractive and functional. It serves as an outdoor gathering place for your home.

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If you want to take on this project, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Building one for your home is actually not much of a feat. It is very doable that any homeowner can just make it a home-improvement project.

Plan out your pit.

A backyard fire pit is usually governed by the local building codes in your area. Generally, a fire pit should be at least 25 feet from your house or from a tree. There are some codes that require you to create a border or gravel around the pit. This is why it is essential to know the code in your area before you start building your fire pit. You also need to plan out the style and the shape of your backyard fire pit. These tend to vary depending on the look you’re going for and if this will match with your home.

Gather the supplies and materials that you need.

Purchase everything that you need to start building your own fire pit. You need a shovel or any digging tool, a rubber mallet, masonry adhesive, tape measure, colored spray paint, steel rake, level, gravel, cast concrete wall stones, concrete, and masonry adhesive. Check out your local hardware stores to find these supplies. If you have particular stones in mind, you can go to those that cater to stones and landscape supplies for more options.

Build your foundation.

Start your fire pit by outlining its spot. Mark the ground with colored spray paint so you have a guide in building your fire pit. Use a shovel or any digging tool to dig out your circle. It must be at least six inches deep. Remove any rocks that you will find in the soil. Fill your pit with gravel until it levels with your ground. This acts as a drainage area for your fire pit when it rains. You may also mark the inner circle of your fire pit with the same spray pain. This will be the edge of your fire pit wall. Make a foundation for your stones to sit upon. You need to mix concrete with water until it reaches the desired consistency. Place the concrete in between the two circles.

Start the outer wall.

Once the foundation is set, lay the stones. Mix your mortar or masonry adhesive and then place around two inches of it on top of the base. Start working in small sections and lay the stones on the mortar. Make sure that the attractive side of the stones are facing outward. You might want to use a mallet to stamp the stones against each other. When the pit starts to take shape, lay the bricks along the inner circle to create the inner wall.

Build the inner brick wall.

Make sure that the bricks are level and fill the gaps between both walls with mortar. Remember to maintain the wall’s thickness and shape. Continually raise the bricks facing the inner wall and the stones on the outer wall while filling in the gaps. Once you’re finished with the structure, cap the pit with flat field-stones. You may need to add mortar between the capstones to complete the pit.

After the main structure is completed, you can now focus on the finishing touches. Remove any loose debris that you find and remove the leftover mortar by spraying it with garden hose. You can also play around by spray painting it and covering the area around the pit with crushed stones. This idea will be a good addition to attract your potential homebuyer if you want to sell your house with this good DIY fire pit.

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