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10 Weird Scented Candles That Totally Exist

When you want to make a room smell like cinnamon and burn something at the same time, scented candles are perfect. But modern science has allowed candle makers to run amok, and these 10 real scents prove it.

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2. Bushwick

Oak NYC / Via

Oak is a New York based retailer who recently began selling a new scented candle meant to smell like their home neighborhood of Bushwick, in Brooklyn. For those unfamiliar, Bushwick is a lovely neighborhood with an aroma that very few would describe as 'candle worthy.' According to Oak's website, the Bushwick candle smells of "... wood, oil, paint thinner, incense, booze, dust, ICR vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick, and artist lofts."

3. Elton John's Garden

Nest / Via

Wanting a candle to smell like a garden makes sense. But this candle doesn't smell like just any garden. It smells specifically like the garden of Sir Elton John. That's right, for a very reasonable price your home can smell like Elton John's garden. Light a few of these bad boys up and invite some people over. See if they open the door, take a wiff and ask "Wait... Is Elton John here? And is he gardening?"

4. Witches Brew/Grandma's Kitchen

McCall's Candles / Via

"Witches Brew" is a Halloween themed candle from McCall's Candles. McCall's have rejected the traditional witches scents of month-old toad and swelter'd venom in favor of cloves and cinnamon. Here's my favorite part, though, according to McCall's, "This same fragrance is also packaged as "Grandma's Kitchen" for year-round enjoyment"

Excuse me, McCall's: what exactly are you trying to say about my Grandmother?

5. Very old books

Modern Alchemy / Via

Love books but don't have room in your apartment for anything bigger than a Kindle? Well this is the candle for you. This candle smells of "antiquated leather-bound volumes of handsome papers and parchment."

7. New Orleans Jazz Fest

Colonial Candle / Via

If you can make it, you should definitely go to the New Orleans Jazz Festival next Spring. Jazz Fest is a 10-day long celebration of one of America's most treasured art forms, and those who attend are sure to have a good time. If you can't make it, though, then the next best thing would be to spark up this candle which is imbued with all the smells we love about Jazz music.

8. Stars & Stripes

Yankee Candle / Via

This one is frankly just confusing. The name and the art would lead you to believe that this candle is meant to smell like an American flag. Presumably not an American flag that's on fire... but that's besides the point. What does an American flag smell like, you ask? Well according to Yankee Candle, it smells like "spicy cinnamon and sweet potpourri." Sure... right... America.

9. A stripper

Hotwicks / Via

Hotwicks prides themselves on creating strange candles, and they've hit a home run with this one. Now, finally, you can smell like a stripper without the expense of a trip to the champagne room.

10. The Red Wedding

Geeky Candles Co. / Via

I won't spoil things for anyone by revealing what this candle smell like but, it's fair to say that you'll never see this one coming. Unless you read the books beforehand, which I totally didn't.

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