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Summer Statements And Other Admissions.

I’ve had a festering thought about what it means to get back on the saddle; inspired by my first spin class in over 2 years. Adrenaline pumped and so did my aspiration for regular fitness. I also pondered the price and quality difference between Nutella (my post workout chum) and its cheaper counterparts; so what if I like fake Nutella better than the original and other admissions that I justify to myself. I further wonder if Katie Holmes ever misses Dawson’s Creek, but in more topical news this is what I stumbled across on the internet lately:

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1. Before the internet

Before the internet there were only two modes of being: reading and boredom. Do you remember this time? The New Yorker will rejig your memory.

2. Weekending?

Don’t let the weekend rip you off and grab Sunday night by the horns. Here’s the science behind maximising your weekend.

3. Summer bucket lists

Some make extravagant summer plans of hiking up the Austrian Alps to imitate Julie Andrews while I plan Taco Dog parties. Keepin’ it real on these British streets and so should you.

4. Greedy or...

I don’t want just one thing, I want all the things.

5. Wine hacks

It wouldn’t be a mix tape if there wasn't one food and wine link on the list so need I say more...

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