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What Its Like To Watch "The Land Before Time" As An Adult

Two words: fucking devastating.

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As a semi joke for Christmas this year my mother bought me the 1988 Don Bluth classic "The

Land Before Time." I hadn't seen the film since I was a child and remembered two things about it ...the amazing Pizza Hut ad that aired before it...and that it involved dinosaurs.

My sister and I decided to revisit the film one night and realized that a) this is no kids film and b) we were a wreck through most of it.

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To set the play as we journey to the Great Valley aka the Valley of a million tears.

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Then his "friends" don't believe him, follow Cera (once again sucking at life) and he has to end up saving their happy asses from a volcano.


But in the end they avenge LF's mom and kill the douche by drowning him. Unfortunately for a brief moment we think they killed off that little flying guy...which is believable since this movie has no boundaries on how many times it can make one curl into the fetal position for a good sob.

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