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Things All Hoboken-Ites Know To Be True

West side, best side (of the Hudson).

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We have a personal superhero.


When you hear that familiar bike know the Bat is close by.

And lets not forget all the delicious Italian Delis...

lizlemonism / Via

Remember that episode of 30 Rock with the infamous sandwiches? Yeah. Rumor has it that bite of Heaven came from Fiores. There is even a Mutz fest to crown who has the best fresh mozzarella in town. Shit just got real.

The summer brings plenty of fun, free activities.

Danielle Tideman

From movies and concerts to yoga and fitness, there's always something going on almost every weeknight on the pier. Who doesn't love entertainment with a great view?

We don't have to battle the tourists of Midtown to get in some decent shopping.

Dear Hannah / Via

With many original boutiques and a mall close-by in downtown Jersey City (not to mention Target y'all) splurging on some new gams comes easy.

Commuting is easy.

blackandwhiteny / Via

The PATH runs every hour of every day, making it easy to get into the city whenever. Buses are also an option as well as ferries (the most expensive but quickest/traffic free route).

We get a little more bang for our buck.


While rent is rising along with more luxury buildings, you can still find decent priced apartments compared to areas in Manhattan. Plus you can benefit from lower tax rates.

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