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  • 9 Footballers Turned Actors

    While taking a dive convincingly on the football pitch takes a certain amount of acting skill, there have been a few actors who have given a shot at some real acting before the camera. In the list below we take a look at a few footballers who have dabbled in movies.

  • 5 Movies Vidya Balan Probably Would Like To Forget

    She might have proclaimed with all the oomph in the world that movies work only because of “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment”, but Vidya Balan’s filmography has its share of movies that seem to have forgotten that cardinal rule. Here’s looking back at some of the clunkers that she’s been part of over her career and those she’d probably like to forget.

  • Rajnikanth Pawns Rajesh Khanna

    Rajnikanth’s one hell of a smooth assassin in this clip from the movie ‘Bewafai’ where he uses automated guns way before the U.S. used drones! Kaka never stood a chance.

  • 32 Football Movies To Watch This FIFA World Cup 2014

    With the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil about to kick off, here’s a list of thirty two awesome football movies from around the globe. After a grueling & extensive search watching countless movies, I think I have done justice to this list. Considering the number of movies watched I do feel bad about leaving out quite a few, So in descending order here they are;

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