At The Paramount in downtown Huntington, NY sometimes things can get a little strange…

1. A man wears a cat woman suit with platform shoes and continued to baby oil himself while waiting in line

Yeah, we don’t get it either

2. Fiona Apple sings lying down on the stage

3. A drunk man doesn’t understand why his ticket stub doesn’t match his bar tab and tries to fight it

Walk away sir, walk away

4. The first person John Edward read at the show was an usher and was spot on

5. Steve Aoik throws a cake into the crowd

6. Steve Aoik jumps off the balcony onto a pool float that the crowd is holding

What’s wrong with a little audience involvement at the risk of your own life right?

7. When Paul Rudd nonchalantly walks up to the box office

8. A grown man asks the bartender for a hundred dollars in ones so that he can “make it rain” from the balcony

9. Trippple Nippple (support act) dressed in diapers and sexualized food on stage

Yes, this actually did happen

10. Kids print out tickets with the font Wingdings, tries to hand it in to the box office and doesn’t understand how the ticket is not real

11. Two brothers in their 50’s fight at the merchandise table over borrowing money and threaten to call their mom to tell on them

(Disclosure: there are eye witnesses that have seen this mother drop off money for them at shows before)

12. After Marilyn Mason was booked for a show, a woman called to yell at us that he is Satan

13. A woman calls to rant about how there are no men to date

Yess pleasee continue I have all day

14. The craziest show that there has been was Rick Springfield, the cougars were all about our security guards

15. When random people message interns on social media sites to try and get a gig, because interns have complete control over who plays at the venue

Seriously people?

16. When people show up to the box office asking if they can speak to Will Call so they can get their tickets

Will Call is not in right now but we will be happy to take a message

17. When someone tries to trade a pack a Skittles for Brand New tickets

Maybe if it was Peanut M&M’s, but Skittles? Come on dude.

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