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14 Things All Committed Snackers Know To Be True

It's not just something you eat, it's a way of life. If you're a committed snacker, try out danio, the super thick and tasty yogurt from Danone.

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4. Buying snacks is not a shopping afterthought – it’s the most exciting bit of the whole ordeal.

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You eat food to live, but snacks are for happiness. Whole aisles of your favourite thing.

14. You can't think of a single leisure activity that can't be improved with a snack.


Cinema? Popcorn.

Going for a walk? A nice crisp apple.

Watching cartoons? Cereal.

Watching sport? Burger.

Watching tennis? Strawberries.

Swimming? Ummm… Pass.

Fancy a snack right now? You've got our permission: embrace your one true love – go forth and snack with danio.

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