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14 Things All Committed Snackers Know To Be True

It's not just something you eat, it's a way of life. If you're a committed snacker, try out danio, the super thick and tasty yogurt from Danone.

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1. If there is even the slightest chance that you will have to queue for something, you will bring snacks.

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2. You can't cook a single meal…


…but you know about 46 snacks you can make from stuff in your house.

3. You may have plans, but if your stomach is telling you it’s hungry, you’ll just go ahead and be late. / Via

Snacks are more important than punctuality. Ask anyone.

4. Buying snacks is not a shopping afterthought – it’s the most exciting bit of the whole ordeal.

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You eat food to live, but snacks are for happiness. Whole aisles of your favourite thing.

5. You could get away without carrying a bag if it wasn't for your snack supply.

Although, that's what pockets are for.

Although, that's what pockets are for.

6. Someone else's snacks always taste better. / Via

That's just science.

7. If someone on TV is snacking, you can't concentrate on the plot until you work out what they're eating. / Via

"What IS that…"

8. Lasting friendships have been formed based on a shared love of a particular snack. / Via

This was how you made all your friends in school.

9. The bottom of your bag is a graveyard of poorly packed snacks past.

So everything you own is covered in biscuit crumbs and sticky fruit pulp.
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So everything you own is covered in biscuit crumbs and sticky fruit pulp.

10. The day four bags of crisps fell out of the vending machine was legit the best day of your life.

11. When you see someone else snacking, you immediately want some. / Via

"Gimme that cereal…"

12. If you look at it carefully, most anything can look like a snack.

13. You hate brushing your teeth before bed.


Because that means no midnight snacking.

14. You can't think of a single leisure activity that can't be improved with a snack.


Cinema? Popcorn.

Going for a walk? A nice crisp apple.

Watching cartoons? Cereal.

Watching sport? Burger.

Watching tennis? Strawberries.

Swimming? Ummm… Pass.

Fancy a snack right now? You've got our permission: embrace your one true love – go forth and snack with danio.

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