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13 The Worst Possible Moments For Your Stomach To Rumble

It's happened to the best of us. Next time your stomach kicks up a fuss, try danio, the super thick and tasty yogurt from Danone.

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1. In a lift with a dozen other people.

Janoskians / Via

There's only so much looking at the ceiling you can do.

2. At the movies during a tense moment. / Via

Not only did you miss what just happened, so did everyone in a three-row radius.

3. When someone's just proposed to you.

You clearly have other more important stuff on your mind.

4. When the doctor is listening to your heart.

FOCUS. You don't need any weird noises amplified into that guy's ear. You have your dignity.

5. While your friend is telling you a sob story and crying into your cardigan.

Paramount / Star Trek: The Next Generation / Via

You're supposed to be concentrating on their feelings, not thinking about snacks! Mmm snacks.

6. At a job interview when you’ve been asked a question, and they’re waiting patiently for your answer.


Your answer is, "I could do with a snack right now," but it's probably not the one they're looking for.

7. At a funeral as the family of the deceased walks by. / Via

You're too sad to eat, honest. (Aunts are for hiding behind.)

8. In church in that silent bit right after the priest says "amen". / Via

It echoes like crazy. (He'll have his eye on you when you go up for the wafer.)

9. When you're breaking up with someone.

They know you want this over with faster than a usual breakup.

10. During an exam.

Tiger Aspect Productions / Mr Bean / Via

How can you concentrate on trigonometry when you've got other stuff to worry about?!

11. After dinner at someone else's house.

They only gave you a regular human's portion, and you need twice that. But they can never know.

12. During dinner that you don't like at someone else's house. / Via

How will your "I'm not hungry, thanks" excuse go down now?

13. When you're in a meeting and there are snacks, but no one has touched the snacks yet.


Need something to keep the rumbling at bay? Try danio, the super thick, tasty yogurt from Danone.

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