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There's Now An Online Marketplace For 3D Printed Artwork

Quirky, cute, weird, or wonderful, Shapeways has a 3D printed piece of artwork for every taste.

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First off...what is 3D printing? / Via

3D printing works by layering super-thin layers of a solid material until a shape is formed. It can be used to make artwork, jewelry, abstract clothing, and even artificial limbs.

TL;'s like magic.

What is Shapeways and why should I know about it? / Via

As 3D printers became cheaper and more accessible, more and more artists began purchasing their own machines and making their own creations. Shapeways provides a way for creators to share and sell their designs, or will take your design and have it printed. Here's what you can get...

For the runner

DavidTsai / Via

Have you ever gone running but didn't want to carry a lot with you? Here's a nifty device to carry the one item you absolutely need - your house or car key!

Pick up this minimalist ring here, for just $15

For the comic book enthusiast

Fanglights / Via

This product is still in development, but when you place a tealight within the circle, it'll cast a shadow of Iron Man's infamous mask on the wall behind it!

Get one step closer to being a super hero here, for $10.50

For the person who wishes there was whiskey in that mug

atoroesp / Via

This mug might be pricey but hey, it's 3D printed porcelain. Did you even know that was possible?!

Support your friend's caffeine addiction by buying this mug here for $72.50

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