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  • The Apple Beast File - Hungry Beast

    Apple’s ‘Think Different’ advertising campaign. Apple surpasses Microsoft^ as the world’s number one tech company. I’m a Mac. 10 workers commit suicide at Foxconn hardware contractors in China. After an Apple enquiry, Foxconn introduces counseling, cuts worker’s weeks to 60 hours, and strings nets to catch suicide attempts. 137 Wintek (contractor) workers get sick as a result of working with the n-hexane chemical. These workers say Apple is lying when it claims that they all were since cured, and say that neither Wintek, nor Apple have paid for follow-up medical treatment. Many of your gadgets are built on third world labour. One estimate calculated that if iPads were built by American workers, they would retail for $14, 970 each. iTunes blocks apps which donate straight to charities. Apple has had no philanthropic division since it was shut by Steve Jobs in 1997*. Jobs has been called to answer a class action lawsuit accusing Apple of an iTunes monopoly. Apple takes 30% of all content sold through iTunes, and has launched its subscription service, which will also take 30% from publishers. Apple freezes Adobe’s Flash out of its devices. Adobe capitulates. Written by Elmo Keep, Motion graphics by Duncan Elms. Edited by Nick McDougall for HUNGRY BEAST on ABC1

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