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    20 Of The Most WTF Products For Sale On Etsy

    The best part is, people are actually buying these things.

    Thanks to Regretsy for archiving all of these gems into one place.


    Sadly, this item is no longer available for purchase.

    2. For stunning hyperrealism...

    And there are plenty more like it.

    3. Hurry, don't forget your poop huts!

    4. If you like your seashell crafts grammatically incorrect...

    5. Now I know what to get my sister for her birthday!


    7. This iPhone case is what cravings are made of.

    8. My chair will be so much happier now.



    11. But does it come with butter?





    16. You don't fool me!

    17. This is real.

    18. THIS IS $30.

    19. ....oh...

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