18 Ways To Tell You’re From Southern California

Call it SoCal and you’re dead to us.

1. You lived in these.

Either these or no shoes at all, to be honest.

2. Sand, sand everywhere.

3. Animal style at In-N-Out or bust.

4. You drool just thinking about these.

5. Water polo is incredibly competitive.

Like, scary competitive.

6. Really bad tan lines all year round.

7. Breakfast burritos.

Enough said.

8. Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is the best highway.

Just look at that beauty of a road.

9. The howling of coyotes probably kept you up at night on more than one occasion.

10. A bit of rain outside = STORM WATCH

11. Your reaction to snow.

12. Delicious fruit and vegetables are just the norm.

13. “Dude, you’re from SoCal? How different is it from NorCal?”

All the rage.

14. You had mandatory earthquake drills once a month.

15. You giggled at these every time you passed them.

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