15 Dogs Who Are Cooler Than You

Never ending style and class right here.

1. This pooch rocks the keyboard. What can you do?

2. Not many can rock white shades. He’s probably going to down a few of those Mountain Dews later too. No biggie.

3. Shades and a badass handkerchief? No competition.

4. Just look at those John Lennon glasses.

5. This dog is basically the god of cool dogs. Aviators and a pipe. Go ahead and bow down now.

6. This pup is all up on the latest fashion trends.

7. This Cinderella dog sporting the newest designers.

8. This cool canine is bringing style to road rage.

9. Biker dog doesn’t care about your problems.

10. This sweet pug even manages to make swimming lessons look cool.

11. These fellas are literally cooler than you.

12. Argyle socks are all the rage right now.

13. This dog is also a boat captain. So suave.

14. Nothing much, just being escorted by my personal chauffeur.

15. This bulldog has a PhD in sophistication.

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