13 Reasons Corgis Make Excellent Employees

Finding the ideal employee can be a challenge — one that any corgi can meet.

1. 86% of Corgis graduate from college at the top of their class.


2. Their stylish sensibility adds a touch of professionalism to any field.


3. Corgis know how to properly file paperwork. And themselves.

All without thumbs.

4. They know how to handle technical difficulties.

5. They’re are always thinking about the next big thing.

6. They’re passionate about important issues of today.

This corgi fights for your rights.

7. Nothing can hold back an ambitious corgi.

Not this jar, OR ANY OTHER JAR!

8. Corgis are natural born leaders.

9. They care about their fellow co-workers.

10. And work well with others.

Forget Balto.

11. But they also can tackle any solo task you throw at them.

Excuse you, this corgi is working on some very important Internet bizniz.

12. Because they aren’t scared of a little healthy competition in the workplace.

Natural born winner.

After all…


13. And even though they have a lot of potential corgis aren’t too proud for even the littlest tasks.

He makes a mean pour over.

Because they know that one day they’re going to run the whole damn thing.

Who run da world? Corgis.

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