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    13 Benedict Cumberbatch GIFs That Are All The Same

    They're all the same. All of them.

    All these gifs are going to be the same. I am not lying. You can scroll down and see for yourself.


    I think you have to ask yourself: "What do I expect to get out of this?"

    I mean, you knew all these gifs would be the same. It says so right there in the headline.

    What do you hope to see here? Why did you click? What is it you look for in entertainment? In the Internet? In life?

    Are you at work? Are you bored? Are you happy? When's the last time you had a dream and didn't immediately say "It'll never work"?

    Have you called your parents recently? They like to hear from you, you know. Not all the time. Just once in a while. They're people, just like you.

    It's OK to be lonely sometimes.

    Do you remember the last BuzzFeed list that made you happy?

    Look, we all know Benedict Cumberbatch is handsome. But has your life really come to this?

    Real risk comes when you accept the possibility of loss.

    Benedict Cumberbatch does not know who you are.

    Try to have a good day, OK? Be strong out there, but be brave enough to make a human connection. You will never get any of these seconds back.