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    Posted on Aug 14, 2015

    Where To Find 'Melbourne-Quality' Coffee Overseas

    Melbourne's coffee is good. Damn good. The best in the world according to and others. Here are a few where you can get a little taste of Melbourne-quality around the world. Where are some others?

    Little Collins (NYC)

    Taking the famed Melbourne alleyway to the big city lights of Lexington Ave in New York City, this café show Americans that coffee is best ‘espressed’ like Melburnians do it, and they smash their avocados too!

    Bluestone Lane (NYC)

    With 5 locations across Manhattan, this café/coffee company promotes itself as bringing Melbourne – ‘where premium coffee is a way of life’ – to New York. Best of all, it was started by an ex-AFL player, and what is more Melbourne than that?

    Kaffeine (London)

    Located in Fitzrovia, which sounds like a nickname someone thought of for Melbourne’s Fitzroy – Kaffeine is an Australian-style café that focuses on bringing to the Brits what Melbourne has always done best – good coffee.

    Caffeine (Shanghai)

    Another Caffeine-booster, this café in the cool district of Shanghai brings great Melbourne coffee to the bustling streets of China. The Melbourne classics take like they would back home.

    CAFÉ COUTUME (Paris)

    The fruits of a partnership between a Frenchman and an Australian, this café brings a touch of Melbourne coffee excellence and elegance to the most elegant city in the world.

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