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17 Reasons Why We're Generation Y-Hine

Because we're born between the late 70s to late 90s, our lives are so tricky and we love to share. Dan Tyte's new novel Half Plus Seven is a tale of redemption for Generation Y. Read it, learn from it, love it. (Yeah, it's on Amazon.)

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1. Because instead of ration books we have loyalty cards.

2. Because we have all the music in the world at our fingertips but can't think of anything to listen to.

3. Because we went on the Iraq war march because we fancied a girl from our halls who was going.

4. Because we look at hundreds of profiles each day but still can't find someone we like.

5. Because our kids might have designer diseases instead of scurvy.

6. Because our friends stole our non-ironic baby name.

7. Because we can't remember the last time we had any sun but it was last month in an exclusive 5 star Caribbean resort.

8. Because we have more entertainment options than any generation ever, but still spend all our time on MailOnline.

9. Because we love a cause but hate actually doing something about it.

10. Because the amount of information in the world doubles every two years, but we still know squat.

11. Because we have 12 different types of milk but have no idea how to milk a cow.

12. Because if we cancelled the gym membership we don't use and gave the money to charity, we'd feed a lot of hungry people.

13. Because we can't get on the property ladder because we spend all our money on Jägerbombs.

14. Because we hate slave labour but love fast fashion.

15. Because we hate our parents for frittering away our inheritance when they're the ones who worked hard for it.

16. Because we hate the Tories but have no ideas what their policies are.

17. Because we'd prefer to WhatsApp someone we've never met rather than pick up the phone to our grandmother.

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