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10 Things About Bratty Teenagers That Are Real As Fuck

10 things that prove bratty teenagers are like, the worst thing ever invented. And that's saying a lot considering we live in a world where you can buy a cheeseburger in a can.

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10. The rules don't apply to me


Any bratty teenager thinks they can like literally get away with fucking anything. Poor choice of words, but you get what I mean. Though if they did fuck anything, I am positive they would find nothing wrong with their behavior whatsoever, and still find a way to blame you.

It's best to shatter their dreams early on and prevent them from being a nuisance to not only you, but society.

9. I'm gonna travel the world with the money I refuse to work for


If you want to travel the world, do it. But maybe get a job to fund it, instead of demanding the moolah from Mummy and Daddy. "Oh my God, you never do anything for me!"

It's not like they cook for you, provide you with clothing, a house to live in and an education or anything.

8. Nothing is ever enough


Cue all the spoiled brats on their birthdays, over Easter, at Christmas, Wednesday after school. "But Daddy, I didn't want an iPad mini, I wanted an iPad Pro. WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH?!" Because you remind me of your mother/father.

7. OMG, I am not wearing that. Eww.


Good luck trying to get a bratty teenager to wear clothes that are not brand labeled without them telling you to "go and fuck yourself". Little do they know that you do, because you haven't touched your partner since he/she was conceived.

5. Who needs a job when you can be Facebook famous?


If you've ever had the misfortune of meeting some know-it-all tween only to have them tell you that they are "Facebook famous", and you haven't punched them in the face - I salute you.

Of course, when you are legit "Facebook famous" and have some form of talent, good for you! You go Glen Coco. Aim for the stars. You can totes do anything if you put your mind to it. However, if you are some Sally nobody with 700 friends or some John Doe spitting shit rhymes, can you like, not. It's annoying as fuck and you need to stop telling people you're internet famous.

The only thing you're famous for is being a twat.

3. If they don't like it, it must be bad


We've all had some bratty teenager scold us for liking music that "sounds like shit" or watching something "that's like the worse movie, ever". Look, my terrible music and poor movie choice has nothing on your lame personality. What a comeback. Genius.

2. I hate you for no reason and there is nothing wrong with that


No matter how old you are, we all hate someone for absolutely no reason whatsoever, but I am pinning this on teenagers because I hate them. Whatevs. Bye bitch.

1. If you're not listening to their first world problems, they will destroy you


When a bratty teenager is waffling on about God knows what, about some irrelevant shit on something you give absolutely zero fucks about - they notice, and they will destroy you with their soul crushing words until you are pulverized dust blowing away in the wind. And you still won't give a fuck because you will be far, far away from their bullshit.

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