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How Biltong Is Better Than Most Of The Protein-Supplement Powders

Admit it- we are truly living in a virtual world. For instance, we surely get to consume orange juice, but that’s from the tetra-packs with labels of ‘natural’ on them. Who knows how natural they are. Similarly, when you need to build your health, gym owners would suggest you a kind of magical protein supplement that would assist your workout process. And then is the time when you think that you cannot actually live without the kind of magical powder suggested.

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However, is this real truth? No, it isn’t!

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In fact, if you consume biltong of Grass fed beef, it is far more healthy than most of these protein powders. Have you ever tasted biltong?

Whether you are a resident of South Africa of USA, Biltong is a meaty delicacy that always satisfies its customers with its exceptional taste.

And health-wise too, biltong is a lot better than protein-supplement powders due to the following reasons:

•Powders Are Processed- Not Natural:

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The biggest disadvantage of consuming processed products is that you get artificial ingredient inserted in your body which causes health hazards in future. In addition, these may contain some fillers and sweeteners which too are highly dreadful in nature.

•Supplemental Powders Lack Nutrition:


Due to extreme refinement of the powders, most of the essential nutrients are left behind. In comparison, food products such as biltong are way better than these powders since you get a definite portion of proteins along with other nutrients it possesses.

•Powders May Boost Your Insulin Levels:

Most of the powders are made up of whey protein which comes from dairy products. As per researches, whey proteins could lead to an increase in blood sugar and insulin levels, so that it creates a feeling of a stomach loaded with sugar at first, but extreme hungry situations in some time.

•Processed Powders Are Not An Obligation:

You could have experiences of gym owners who are in all-praises for the protein powders, which offers you an impression of these being an absolute obligation. In contrast, people could gym just fine enough being away from these magical protein powders.


Due to all these reasons, biltong and jerky etc. products rank way above the processed powders in terms of providing nutrients. And due to these reasons, you could see wholesale beef jerky traders, online and offline, where you could get the desired amount of these products for your health-improvement needs.

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