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Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Calls Out Trump's Hypocrisy Over DACA

"You Disgust Me."

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Fifth Harmony member and outspoken activist Lauren Jauregui called out The Trump Administration on their decision to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program), a program which allows young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children, to remain in the country.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @LaurenJauregui

The program she's referring to is set to be shut down in six months if congress does not act. Currently, more than 800,000 people are a part of the DACA program and would be impacted by the decision. The decision even prompted former President Obama to speak out in favor of defending DACA, among many other celebrities and politicians including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and more.

To target hopeful young strivers who grew up here is wrong, because they’ve done nothing wrong. My statement:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @BarackObama

Lauren took to Twitter to voice her disgust at Trump and Republicans for his decision to rescind the DACA program. Read her full message to him below.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @LaurenJauregui

Lauren is no stranger to using her celebrity for good and speaking out on issues she cares about. Back in November she penned a letter for Billboard, writing about being a proud Bisexual Cuban-American woman, and speaking from her heart to the voters of Donald Trump. / Via

"We are not "whining" about our presidential choice losing, we are screaming battle cries against those whose political and personal agendas threaten our lives and sanity. We are making sure you hear us, no matter how much it bothers you, we EXIST." - Jauregui in Billboard.

As 1/4th of the group Fifth Harmony, the band just released their self-titled, third full-length album last month, but that isn't slowing Lauren down or stopping her from speaking up about what she believes in. The group even has a song on their album titled "Bridges", which takes a shot at Trump.

"We build bridgesOh, we build bridgesNo, we won't separateWe know love can conquer hateSo we build bridgesBridges, not walls" - Fifth Harmony - "Bridges"
Twitter / Via Twitter: @FifthHarmony

"We build bridges

Oh, we build bridges

No, we won't separate

We know love can conquer hate

So we build bridges

Bridges, not walls" - Fifth Harmony - "Bridges"

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