19 Hilarious Possibilities For Who Should Be Fifth Harmony’s Newest Member

They better put in work, work, work.

Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony in December, and the internet was quick to replace her following their first new group photo earlier this week.

Ellen DeGeneres got the ball rolling for the #BeThe5thChallenge.

Here are 19 other people Twitter users think should be the fifth member of Fifth Harmony.

1. Ariana Grande

2. Ed Sheeran

3. Michelle Obama

BO$$ Michelle Obama #BeThe5ThChallenge

— renclide (@renclide)

4. Joanne the Scammer

Looks like Joanne has scammed her way into 5h 🤔 #BeThe5thChallenge

— gio (@awhgio0)

5. The cast of High School Musical

NOW THIS IS A GROUP! #BeThe5thChallenge

— alyssa (@SOLONIALLRlSE)

6. Deadpool

One of my favorites so far...😂 #BeThe5thChallenge

— #H4RMONY 🐤 (@typicalern)

7. Miley Cyrus

Harmony from the best of both worlds #BeThe5thChallenge

— c4tarina (@zjmkrdei)

8. James Corden

alright so this will only be relevant while he is driving a car and they are all singing their songs.… https://t.co/GDG0Yan1bZ

— mariana xx (@trustnorminah)

9. Jamie Lynn Spears

Saw @TheEllenShow do this and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon since Maddie and I always jam to @FifthHarmony!… https://t.co/NNEliBZTkC

— Jamie Lynn Spears (@jamielynnspears)

10. Gavin


— 5H3 || (@Freak5h3)

11. Simone Biles

Now this is a group! @Simone_Biles #BeThe5thChallenge

— m (@laurengosolo)

12. Lady Gaga

prontas pro show no rodeio #BeThe5thChallenge

— giza (@jauremonsters)

13. Aly Raisman

I didn't know you were the new member of @FifthHarmony @Aly_Raisman 😂 #BeThe5thChallenge

— m (@laurengosolo)

14. Nicki Minaj

Collab queens @NICKIMINAJ @FifthHarmony #BeThe5thChallenge

— 5H3 || (@Freak5h3)

15. The Unholy Trinity from Glee

the unholy trinity #BeThe5thChallenge

— Noelia (@_jaureguicrush)

16. The red dress dancer emoji

a group! #BeThe5thChallenge

— lucy not hale 🐥 (@backtolucy)

17. Fellow Queen of Work, Rihanna

They're really gotta put in WORK now #BeThe5thChallenge

— read md camila (@camilaspolarize)

18. Colton Haynes

Here for this. #BeThe5thChallenge @ColtonLHaynes @FifthHarmony

— Shane Avery (@ShaneAvery)

19. And finally, Miranda Sings

"I'M GONNA BE IN FIFTH HARMONY!" -@MirandaSings https://t.co/LHvASnIk7C #BeThe5thChallenge

— 5HonTour (@5HonTour)

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