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16 Stars Who'd Make Great Celebrity Big Brother Houseguests

Floaters, grab a life vest.

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1. Tiffany Pollard (Otherwise known as, New York)

VH1 / Via Giphy

Queen of gifs, and U.K. Celebrity Big Brother alum, Tiffany is sure to bring the entertainment, and knows how the game is played.

2. Kathy Griffin

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Outspoken comedian and perpetual "D-List" star Kathy Griffin recently made headlines for a Trump photoshoot that shook the country, but she's done apologizing. She'd certainly have a lot to say in the Big Brother House.

3. Andy Cohen

Bravo / Via Giphy

Known for producing the drama behind the popular The Real Housewives series, Andy knows how to provide good TV and would surely be a fan favorite.

4. Ariana Grande

N / Via Giphy

We've already gotten Ariana's brother Frankie on a previous season, so pop princess Ariana would naturally be a perfect fit for the celebrity edition.

5. Kris Jenner

E! / Via Giphy

Love her or hate her, Kris Jenner is one of the queens of reality TV and knows how to get people talking. Nothing would get past her in the Big Brother house.

6. Tyler Oakley

CBS / Via Giphy

Already a CBS alum from The Amazing Race, along with his huge online following, Tyler would have a great social game and be a strong competitor.

7. Dwayne Johnson

Via Giphy

Because who doesn't love The Rock? Plus, he'd be a beast in physical competitions!

8. Lindsay Lohan

Via Giphy

What better way for Lindsay to make her way back into the hearts of audiences? People would underestimate her and she could go far!

9. Lin-Manuel Miranda

NBC / Via Giphy

I'm sure he could take time out of his busy schedule of dominating the Broadway world to grace the Big Brother house.

10. Aubrey O'Day

Logo / Via Giphy

Former Danity Kane member and U.K. Celebrity Big Brother star, Aubrey is no stranger to reality TV. Plus, she'd probably have juicy stories on Trump to spill in the house.

11. Sean Diddy Combs

Via Giphy

It's been too long since we've seen Diddy on reality TV and paired with Aubrey who he clashed with on MTV's Making the Band, you'd have TV gold. Would they form an alliance, or immediately target each other?

12. Tyra Banks

Via Giphy

Because every reality TV show could use some Tyra Banks in it.

13. Michael Phelps

MTV / Via Giphy

Most decorated Olympian of all time? Good luck beating him in physical competitions!

14. Kevin Hart

Via Giphy

If there's one person you could count on to play pranks in the house, it'd be Kevin Hart. Strong lead for America's Favorite Houseguest.

15. Lauren Conrad

MTV / Via Giphy

You could count on LC to provide the most epic Head of Household speeches and wear her heart on her sleeve.

16. Simon Cowell

Via Giphy

Every season needs its villain.

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