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    Todd Luongo - Co-Founder Of Legendary Life

    Feature on Todd Luongo, co-founder of Legendary Life

    Outline Bullets:

    Todd Luongo grew up just outside of Boston in the rough, working class city of Brockton, Mass. (home to the boxing champs Rocky Marciano & Marvin Hagler).

    An only child in a dysfunctional family, Todd rebelled against and escaped from his upbringing with work ethic and ambition as well as writing, music, sports, and health & fitness. He was an entrepreneur long before the term was in vogue. At 9 years old he was working 7 days a week as the youngest paperboy in the city. As an independent contractor for the local daily paper he built his business to be one of the largest and most lucrative routes in the region and became a go-to resource for his classmates to learn how to earn money and build businesses for themselves. Throughout his youth Todd was never without multiple side hustles. He worked in gyms throughout high school and by 19 years of age was a champion amateur bodybuilder winning the title of Mr. Teen Cape Cod.

    After working his way through a relatively unimpressive tenure at a local Massachusetts State College Todd moved to Silicon Valley. He did this despite the fact that he had no contacts there, absolutely no background in technology and had actually never even owned a computer in his life. In short order he successfully leveraged his natural gifts: communication skills, ambition, and work ethic, to talk his way into a sales career at the world’s preeminent enterprise software company, Oracle Corporation, just as the Internet was about to take the world by storm.

    Todd quickly rose through the sales ranks at the company known to be one of the most fiercely competitive in the Valley. Todd was tapped to move to the Washington, DC area to join Oracle’s highly select and secretive division that dealt with Oracle’s highly classified Government programs. Todd then spent the next two decades building relationships between the most sensitive government agencies and some of Silicon Valley’s hottest start-ups in the data management and cybersecurity spaces including companies that would go on to be acquired and be integral parts of tech stalwarts IBM and HP.

    However, Todd was never satisfied with just the success of his software career. He was always restless and itching for new, additional outlets to flex his creative and entrepreneurial muscles as well as to productively burn his seemingly endless supply of energy. Along the way he built and helmed his own enterprise software company, advised and invested in a variety of tech start-ups, opened experiential restaurants and bars, learned to fly airplanes and helicopters, traveled the world, and performed stand-up comedy. Friends often refer to Todd as a renaissance man as well as jokingly calling him the real life ”World’s Most Interesting Man” a la the old Dos Equis commercials.

    Todd even wrote several, highly acclaimed screenplays along the way. Several of these won and placed highly in amateur screenplay contests. This led to professional talent management signing Luongo and working to develop the projects. Two of Todd’s features are currently in development in Hollywood.

    Throughout his career in tech, Todd consistently met people who had achieved occupational success but were miserable and unwell. They had achieved material success but weren’t thriving in other areas. They couldn’t figure out how to achieve balance, peace, or the same level of success that they achieved in business when it came to their mental, spiritual, relationship and physical health.

    In 2018 Todd met his future business partner, Lee Snir, at a business conference. Lee, a fellow entrepreneur, veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, environmental activist, naturopath, as well as an influencer and in-demand speaker in her native Israel. At the time, Lee was building one of her own businesses while managing an eco-farm in Israel all while developing strategies and methodologies to help people realign with their authentic intentions, achieve more peace and contentment in their lives and optimize their mental, physical, and spiritual health all while being in balance with nature and the environment. (Lee Snir Bio Link:

    Todd and Lee hit it off over their similar philosophies and work ethic as well as their complimentary backgrounds and skill sets. They decided to join forces and set out to build a lifestyle brand that combined physical products, technology, and education to help people uncover, pursue, and realize their Personal Legends. They named this company “Legendary Life” and their credo is “Live Your Legend”.

    They initially launched a series of highly acclaimed and very successful guided journals and affirmation cards. (Reference Link to some 3rd Party Reviews:

    In parallel with developing and launching the company and initial products Todd created the “Live Your Legend Project” to get an understanding of what it means for people from all different backgrounds, cultures, countries, religions, and ethnicities to “Live Their Legends”. Todd traveled the world: China, Japan, the Middle East, Central & South America, as well as across Europe and the US to interview both people who have and haven’t ‘Lived Their Legends to try and discover how and why they were either successful or unsuccessful in doing so. (Reference Link:

    They then set out to build a mobile app (launching this month) that will incorporate several independent modules with functionality that will help people to improve and achieve more peace in different areas. Examples of modules include: New Minimalism, Quantum Time Hacking, Gratitude, Journaling, Affirmations, and a No Tech Challenge (which ironically you use by tracking your progress with your phone). With more modules to come as well.

    Todd & Lee then got to work to package up their own experience and wisdom as well as the lessons learned from the Live Your Legend project as well as the teachings of highly acclaimed, hand selected Legendary Life coaches into an ambitious Mastermind and corresponding course called “Live Your Legend''. They created a variety of independent modules that all integrate under the theme of “Living Your Legend”. The program is designed to teach and empower people to identify, understand, and align with their true gifts and desires and then to guide them into creating and executing on a plan to live their ideal life and achieve success (whatever success means to them) in all areas of life to the greatest extent possible. Along the way they help people learn how to optimize their occupational, mental, spiritual, physical, and relationship health using a variety of tactical and strategic exercises, teachings and hands-on tools. Some of these tools include Legendary Life’s physical products as well as the exclusive and unique exercises Legendary Life developed based on their extensive research into human optimization. The Mastermind and Course also includes access to exclusive mobile app content, a private online community, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions with the Legendary Life founders and principals. Each module of the Live Your Legend Mastermind is taught live by Todd, Lee and / or experienced, hand selected Legendary Life coaches.

    Currently Todd & Lee are working tirelessly with the Legendary Life team to successfully complete the first phase of the brand’s ambitious launch strategy. Over the span of only a few weeks Legendary Life plans to launch its Live Your Legend Mastermind & Courses as well as their Live Your Legend Mobile App on iOS and Android as well as a new physical product, a guided Visualization Journal that corresponds with the Masterminds & Courses. Todd and Lee are excited to get the message of Legendary Life to a wider audience and help more people to “Live Their Legend”.

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