The Live Studio Audience Was Dead The Entire Time (and Other Plot Twists)

Surprise endings… OR ARE THEY?


The sitcom’s live studio audience was dead the entire time.


The slobs at fat camp and the snobs at rich camp join forces against the kids at average camp.


When Bruce Banner gets too calm, he turns into Reverse-Hulk and neatly removes only his pants.


Next to the body is a message written in blood which says “I am dying of blood loss.”


Bigfoot has regular sized feet; his legs, chest, hands, and head are just abnormally small.


When the town outlaws not dancing, all of the uncool wallflowers have to band together and fight for the right to stand around awkwardly.


The cop does everything by the book, but it’s a book about taking bribes and using excessive force.


The call is coming from inside the birdhouse.


The bus will explode if it goes under 50 miles per hour, so the hero drives it to Canada and slows down under the metric system.


The polite vampire must be invited inside, told where to hang up his coat, asked to remove his shoes, and served a drink before he’ll bite anyone.


You still can’t ever leave, but checkout is now only from 9:00am - 3:00pm.


The hand that rocks the cradle is no longer needed, because this baby has a fancy self-rocking cradle from SkyMall.


The Man With No Name does have a name, but he mumbled it the first time he introduced himself and now it’s been so long that it would be awkward to start correcting people.


When a stranger calls, he apologizes for dialing the wrong number and hangs up.


The killer wasn’t a wolfman, it was a wolf and a man working together.


The cover-up at Area 51 was perpetrated by the tinfoil hat industry.


The cyborg was sent back in time to track down the man who created him and find out why his headphone jack isn’t working.


The ‘X’ on the treasure map was just a typo.


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