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    Here's Everything You Need To Know About Smoking Weed But Were Too Afraid To Ask

    If you're researching basic information about marijuana, you need a trustworthy guide. Allow this seasoned stoner to answer the internet's most asked questions about weed, from where it comes from to how to smoke it.

    Cannabis culture can be confusing if you don't know what you're talking about. Ideally, you have a friend to be your marijuana mentor, but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be safer to smoke alone. Have no fear! A stoner is near. I'll help guide you into the ever-expanding wide world of weed.

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    Let's start off with some history. Where did marijuana come from?

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    So what's the deal with legalization?

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    Okay, now that I've introduced myself and let you know what you'll be in for, let's get into some terminology.

    CBD, THC, terpenes...what's the difference?

    What's the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid?

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    Botanically speaking, the terms indica and sativa describe physical differences between marijuana plants. The terms describe marijuana's effects on the body.

    When you think of indica, think of "in-da-couch", because that's where your (gr)ass is about to be, buddy. Indicas bring on relaxation, lethargy, and hunger. When you think of sativa, just think the opposite of "in-da-couch", whatever that means to you. Sativas inspire energy, creativity, and sociability. If you plan to wake-and-bake (smoke weed in the morning), smoke a sativa. A hybrid, then, is a marijuana strain that is slightly social but slightly sleepy, too.

    It's a spectrum, but every type of marijuana falls broadly into one of these three categories, so choose wisely. Armed with this knowledge, you are prepared to answer the next logical question: how should I get stoned?

    So how should you go about ingesting cannabis?

    What are edibles?

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    Edibles, any food chemically infused with cannabinoids, have come a long way since ancient India. They were Americanized in the '60s due to Alice B. Toklas' cookbook containing a recipe for "Hashish Fudge", but today's edibles are only limited by our imagination. Edible enthusiasts have pretty much mixed marijuana into any tasty treat you can dream of, drinks included. Modern bud bakers can control dosage to an amazing level of precision, measured in milligrams of THC, which is convenient for controlling your dosage.

    Edibles are a fantastic way to make the time fly by. They produce an intense body high without the drawbacks of smoking, like smelling skunky or convulsive coughing fits. But the rule with edibles is to be patient! The high they produce tends to creep, or come on slowly. If your time is money, you might want to smoke instead.

    What do people mean by "flower"?

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    Smoking "flower" is what most people think of when they think about marijuana. For many, it's still the best way to get ripped. When you smoke weed, you are smoking the buds of the marijuana plant. Weed might have once been a weed, but modern marijuana is highly cultivated like produce. Marijuana strains are artificially selected for potency, taste, and appearance. It's simple Mendelian genetics with a dash of hydroponics, mixed with stoner ingenuity.

    Smoking weed is simple. All you need to do, really, is light the flowers on fire and inhale the smoke. I'd recommend grinding your bud and putting it into a smoking device before you ignite it. Before we go any further, I'm going to need you to concentrate.

    What are dabs?

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    What's a tincture?

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    What hardware do I need to smoke weed?

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    Obviously, if you're eating an edible, just eat up and enjoy. Tinctures are almost as simple — all you need is a dropper. When it comes to smoking flower and vaporizing concentrates, things get slightly more complicated.

    In this next section, we'll cover pipes, bongs, joints, blunts, cartridges, rigs, flower vaporizers, and the many silly names potheads know them by.

    What's a bowl?

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    What about a bong?

    What are doobies?

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    What's the difference between a joint and a blunt?

    What about vaping?

    THC:CBD cannabidiol vape pens with medical marijuana

    What is a rig?

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    Rigs, also known as dab rigs, are essentially concentrate bongs. Dab rigs are known for producing a large amount of easy-to-inhale vapor. Heating them up can be tricky, but if you're willing to handle a flambé torch, you should be just fine. If it's your first time hitting a dab rig, you better buckle in: you're about to go to the moon.

    Can't you vaporize flower, too?

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    Before we finish, a side note on flower smoking hardware: truth be told, flower can also be vaporized. Buying the necessary machinery for doing so is expensive and therefore less accessible. Vaporizers vary widely in shapes, sizes, and price, but if you know someone with a Volcano, you should pray to Shiva they let you hit it. Vaporizing flower is a great alternative for those who can afford it, and has many of the same benefits of a tincture or dab pen: less smell, easy on the lungs, and a more subtle high.

    With this reefer rookie's guide to smoking, eating, and vaporizing weed, you can now get baked with confidence! Whether you choose indica or sativa, CBD or THC, blunts or joints, flower or concentrates.

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    The world of cannabis is way too wide to cover all questions in just one article. So what questions do you still need to be answered? Be sure to ask below in the comments! And just remember — I am not a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or farmer. I'm just your friendly, neighborhood pothead.