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    The 27 Most '90s Outfits Worn On "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

    Some of these outfits needed some serious slaying.

    1. When Willow wore this light blue and yellow butterfly sweater

    2. When Buffy paired this velvety trench coat with a green scarf

    3. When Xander wore this bright blue Hawaiian shirt and messenger bag

    4. When Xander wore this mushroom shirt

    5. ...and this silk one

    6. Xander's shirt choices, in general...

    7. Just, why.

    8. When Willow wore a beanie paired with another awful sweater under overalls

    9. or anytime she wore overalls, really.

    10. Willow's hat choices in general were always questionable...

    11. this purple bucket hat.

    12. or this yellow hat...

    13. and this OTHER yellow hat.

    14. When Buffy wore this leopard print tank top

    15. When flashback Buffy wore SO MANY DAISIES

    16. and then this bright orange puffy jacket

    17. When Buffy wore this shiny blue midriff top

    18. When Buffy wore a cardigan around her neck and a butterfly clip in her hair

    19. When Buffy rocked both butterfly clips AND a choker

    20. Buffy really liked hair clips.

    21. When Willow wore this tiny backpack

    22. When Buffy seemed to be using all her allowance on giant costume rings and lipstick

    23. When Buffy wore flannel and ill-fitting pants

    24. When Willow wore this big rainbow striped Cosby sweater

    25. When Buffy wore this 70's throwback look

    26. and this pink cheetah print jacket

    27. And finally, this entire picture.

    All screencaps can be found here.