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Are You Faith Or Dee?

Ever wonder if your the art hoe or basic bitch? Find out now with this sexy quiz

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  1. What's your favorite part about school?

    Um, lunch I guess
    Not getting dress coded when I totally should
    Anthony goddamn Recine
    Not being there
    Art class
  2. Favorite color?

  3. What's your after school hang out place?

    Thrift town probably
    The mall
    The pearl
    The pearl
  4. What's your go to footwear

  5. Which one is better?

  6. favorite breakfast place

    Bakery Lorraine
    Summer moon coffee
  7. What class do you skip way too much

    Also English
  8. What's the thing you spend most money on

    Nothing anymore- gotta save
    Freddy's, or McDonald's, or sonic, or canes, or ....
  9. What's your favorite jam

    Anything lake street dive
    Ra Ra Riot
    Radiohead duh
    Anything you've never heard of
  10. Favorite sport

    shot put and discus
    Dance is a sport!!!
  11. What's your best quality?

    The fact that I look like a poorly transitioned man
    My corn teeth!!
    My fleshier hands
    My skinny ass ugly ass nose
  12. Favorite emoji

  13. Choice of phone

    FLip phone
    Idk wtf this is but it's not an iphone
    White iPhone
    Black iphone
  14. Favorite musical?

  15. Favorite snack

    Whatever's at the bottom of my backpack
  16. Dream goals

    To be a baddie with a heart
    To be a princess with incredible strength
  17. What's the class ur always slacking in

  18. You're a lesbian. What child do you adopt

    Mixed bebe
    Korean bebe
    Anything but white bebes
    A transgendered poly sexual gender queer bebe
  19. Favorite vacation place

    New orleans
    The pearl parking garage
    Los angeles
    Santa fe
  20. Favorite woman to be lesbian about

    Natasha Lyonne
    Vera farmiga
  21. Biggest pet peeve

    When I ask a basic question and someone responds sarcastically like a ducking botch
    When people compliment me with observations like "wow that's a shirt!"
  22. Favorite derogatory term


Are You Faith Or Dee?

You got: Fake Fister

Just an art hoe who loves second-hand shopping and possums! You are incredibly smart and give people the best advice. You're a weirdo, but everyone is lucky to have you in their life :)

Fake Fister
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You got: Deandra Sewpert

Just a baddie with skills in eyeliner and talking too much. You're incredibly charismatic and you're not afraid to stand for what you believe. Sometimes you come off as a bitch, but at the end of the day you let everyone know how much you love them.

Deandra Sewpert
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