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    21 Guys Who Will Never Live Up To Their Tinder Names

    Probably don't bring any of these guys home to meet your parents.

    1. The guy who dares to be different.

    2. The guy who's up to speed.

    3. The guy who probably drives a sedan.

    4. The guy who goes by what his prison buddies call him.

    5. The guy who thinks he's the life of the party.

    6. The guy from the 90's R&B boy band.

    7. The guy who lets you know exactly how funny he thinks he is.

    8. This guy.

    9. The guy who knows he's not terribly impressive.

    10. The guy who thinks he's pretty fly for a white guy.

    11. The dessert who's posing as a man.

    12. The guy who's upfront about why he's on Tinder in the first place.

    13. The guy who's all about keeping it real.

    14. The man of mystery.

    15. The guy who always keeps his cool.

    16. The guy who's a real find.

    17. The guy who's a huge fan of The Notebook.

    18. The guy who balls so hard he had his name changed to reflect it.

    19. The man of not-quite steel

    20. The guy who knows exactly who he wants to B.

    21. This actual dreamboat