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    19 Definitive Reasons Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes

    #TeamWaffles or #TeamPancakes? There can only be one winner and I'm here to prove that it's waffles.

    1. They hold syrup better


    Sure, some of the syrup soaks into the pancakes, but you're just left with a big sticky puddle, as opposed to waffles whose syrup remains self-contained.

    2. They actually hold all toppings better


    Berries, marshmallows, chocolate chips; it's like waffles were made to house deliciousness.

    3. You can make anything into a waffle.


    Seriously, anything. (Like this hash-browns-for-bread bacon jalapeno grilled cheese.)

    4. Chicken and Waffles

    Via Flickr: smooshy

    Man's greatest savory-sweet creation. Don't even try to argue it.

    5. Waffle Sandwiches

    Via Flickr: mattdrollinger

    Just try picking up a sandwich made with two pancakes. I dare you.

    6. Even frozen waffles are far superior

    Via Flickr: munchncrunch

    Frozen pancakes? No thanks.

    7. There's no such thing as a "pancake cone"

    Via Flickr: 94887419@N08

    Waffles are so good that they're their own type of ice cream cone. Your move, pancakes.

    8. They're Leslie Knope approved


    "Everyone should love waffles. If they don't, they're crazy." - said by the Pawnee Goddess herself.

    9. Waffles and Dinges = heaven on Earth


    Do pancakes have an entire restaurant (AND chain of food trucks) dedicated solely to them and all of their glory? I don't think so.

    10. IHOP also serves waffles on their menu


    Yes, IHOP's emphasis is on their pancakes, but they also serve waffles. Neither Waffles and Dinges or Waffle House have pancakes anywhere on their menus. As it should be.

    11. Waffle Tacos


    Yes, we know pancake tacos have been a thing for basically forever, but waffle tacos are the only ones worthy enough to make it as a fast-food breakfast staple.

    12. Pancakes might make better art, but waffles make better 3D art


    Pancakes can't stand up to that. (GET IT??)

    13. Two words: waffle fries


    We all know waffle fries are the best kind of fries. Sorry latkes.

    14. They're portable


    Waffles make the perfect meal for on-the-go. If you tried to take your pancakes with you, you'd just end up with a crumbly sticky mess and wonder why you didn't just make a waffle.

    15. They're a staple of the continental breakfast


    No matter what hotel you stay at, there will always be a waffle iron. Unless you order from a menu or have a buffet style set-up, you're probably not going to find any pancakes on your breakfast plate.

    16. They do savory so much better


    Let's face it. Waffles are just more versatile than pancakes.



    *runs to the freezer and puts an entire box of waffles into the toaster*

    18. Seriously, waffles are a work of art


    Waffles are gorgeous by design. Pancakes have to be carefully designed to look half as visually stunning.

    19. There's no competition, waffles are clearly better than pancakes.


    #TeamWaffles 4eva.

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