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    15 Tips For The Best Road Trip Ever

    Planning on hitting the road for your next vacation? Whether you're traveling the country or exploring the city, let life take you there.

    1. Make the perfect playlist


    No road trip is complete without some road tunes. Create a mix CD or a shared playlist with your friends or family to provide the perfect soundtrack for your adventures.

    2. Pack lots of snacks


    Keep your energy up during long gaps in between rest stops with plenty of share-able munchies.

    3. Dry shampoo and baby wipes are your friends


    Depending on how long your trip is, it might be a while before you can shower or freshen up. Basic toiletries like dry shampoo and baby wipes help keep you feeling human in the meantime.

    4. Don't skimp on the pillows and blankets


    Keep your passengers comfy and cozy with lots of pillows and blankets. Also perfect for roadside naps or if you decide to stargaze/have an impromptu picnic.

    5. Download some travel apps


    Download a travel/GPS app to ensure that your trip is smooth sailing, a restaurant app to find local places to grab grub, and a hotel app to find somewhere nearby to rest your head.

    6. Make sure your car smells good

    Via Flickr: joshuamichalphotography

    Nobody wants to smell your old gym bag the entire trip. Do your passengers a favor and pop in a new air freshener before you hit the road.

    7. Pack some games


    Unfortunately, Cards Against Humanity is a little hard to play in the car but there are plenty of other games that you can bring with you.

    8. Bring great company


    This one goes without saying but the better the company, the better the trip.

    9. Be great company


    This road goes both ways, pal. (Get it??) No one wants to spend their trip with a Debbie Downer so if you're going to be a grump, feign enjoyment until you get back home if you have to.

    10. Don't overpack


    Your passengers need more room than your shoes. Only bring what you need, not what you might need.

    11. Take plenty of stretch breaks


    Your legs are going to get cramped and your butt’s going to hurt if you sit in the car for too long so get out and stretch every couple of hours. Your butt will thank you.

    12. Take advantage of rest areas


    You don’t know what kind of amazing places you might be driving through, so strike up conversations with the cashier or some of the locals while you're re-stocking on snacks or gas and see what the road has to offer!

    13. Don't forget your car charger!


    Nothing is going to ruin a trip faster than a dead battery, especially since your phone is probably functioning as your GPS, alarm clock, music source, itinerary, and camera, am I right?

    14. Take pictures but don't forget to take in the sights


    Take a ton of pictures, just don't see your entire vacation through your camera lens. Take as many mental pictures as you do real ones and be present as often as possible. You won't regret it.

    15. Roll the windows down


    The air smells different whether you’re driving through the city, the country, or the mountains. Smell is one of the strongest senses associated with memory, so get the full sensory experience of your trip with some fresh air!


    After all, the road trip isn't just about the destination but also all the places that life can take you along the way. Enjoy!

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