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15 Forgotten TV Shows Of The '90s

We found these '90s shows buried under the couch cushions next to the VHS remote, an American Gladiators trading card, and a still-wrapped Capri Sun straw.

1. Veronica's Closet (1997)

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Like Victoria's Secret, only not.

2. Fudge (1995)

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Based on the Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing books. You can apparently still watch entire episodes on Hulu!

3. Breaker High (1997)

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Featuring teenage Ryan Gosling and Tyler Labine!

4. The Tom Green Show (1994, 1999)

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It's not the Green Tom Show.

5. Little Dracula (1991)

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Because every good vampire TV show should have a hip-hop theme song.

6. Ghostwriter (1992)

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More or less the OG Gossip Girl (only not at all).

7. The Drew Carey Show (1995)

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The show where everything takes place in Cleveland and the points don't matter. Wait...

8. Cousin Skeeter (1997)

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A boy is cousins with a puppet or something. IDK but the intro/theme song (by forgotten '90s divas Cleopatra) is the most late-'90s thing of all time.

9. MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch (1998)

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If you're like me, then you screamed for a solid 15 mintues when you first remembered that this was a thing that existed.

10. Suddenly Susan (1996)

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Starring this famous person from the '90s, that famous person from the '90s, and not to mention, another famous person from the '90s.

11. What Would You Do? (1991)

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Hosted by Mr. Nickelodeon Game Show himself (no, not Mike O'Malley, the other one! The Unwrapped guy! Marc Summers!).

12. Eerie, Indiana (1991)

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The original version, Erie, PA, wasn't nearly as exciting. Also, you can watch this entire series on Netflix, just FYI.

13. The PJs (1999)

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Even though this was the first stop-motion prime-time TV show ever, was voiced by Eddie Murphy, and won an Emmy, it still got taken off the air for being "too black" or something like that.

14. The Brothers Garcia (2000)

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OK, so it's technically not '90s anymore, but I had to sneak this one in here because even my own siblings don't remember this one!

15. Popular (1999)

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Yellow-tinted oval sunglasses. Also, this was Ryan Murphy's (yes, THAT Ryan Murphy's) first written show!

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