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1. Super Bowl Commercials: Were they more impressive than the game or halftime show? Did Doritos go all out this year? Or did they make you want to change the channel and watch the cute and cuddly Puppy Bowl? Because who doesn't love puppies? (I also saw they will be involving puppies with disabilities this heartwarming is that?!) 2. Fry foods with air: The Air Fryer is on everyone's minds lately, but does it actually work? Will these foods still satisfy your craving for crunchy, greasy fries or do they taste like styrofoam? 3. Lite Brite is gonna' be a #throwback for your hair: Blacklight and glow in the dark hair may be huge in 2017! Neil Malek used neon hair colors and transformed his models into vibrant, walking, talking Lite Brites. The look is unreal! 4. Food trend alert: With so many people going gluten and grain free, legume pasta is creeping its way into your favorite supermarket. Red lentil elbow macaroni? Chickpea penne? Does it taste like pasta? Will others be fooled? I'll take on the challenge!

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