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15 Thoughts Anyone Who Survives An Upstate Winter Will Understand

Is it really that time again?

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1. Yes, Snow! Christmas!

2. Hot Chocolate and Christmas movie nights have arrived!

3. Wow, it looks so pretty!

4. Can I drive in snow?

5. I totally forgot about that whole snow covering your entire car thing

Via googleimages

6. What is this confusion? Weather, you're playing with my emotions and my outfits

Danielle Montoya

7. I seriously NEED snow tires. This is no joke.

8. I Wonder if you can hire snow shovelers much like how you hire grass cutters...

9. Seriously, ya'll drivers need to leave alone I'm going as fast i can

10. The snow... it looks so...pretty still

the boston globe / Via

11. I wonder what it's like to live through a winter with no snow, or cold?

12. What even is snow? It's this white stuff that falls from the sky, it's so confusing

Danielle Montoya

12. And to the next six months i say:

marie claire / Via

13. Well now I can officially get in the Christmas Spirit

14. Wow, I just love that after snow melted taste on the ground / Via Danielle Montoya

15. Hmm, I wonder how long this winter will last?

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