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14 Thoughts Every Target Employee Has Had


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1. No, I don't actually work here. I just like wearing red and khaki and a walkie permanently attached to my hip every time I come to Target

2. Hey you. Yeah, i see you putting that where it doesn't go

3. Target is the best form of birth control ...

4. I LIVE HERE! Listen to me!

5. No, you can't just test this out then return it

6. Ughh, I can't get anything done

7. Will I ever understand the point of customers taking EVERYTHING out of its package

8. Yo, quit playin

9. No way, Wegmans has it??

10. Welll, I mean since no one's here

11. I wanna go home

12. Why are you yelling at me over thing's I can't control ..

13. Wow, What a beautiful day to go to work..

14. Remember to SMILE !

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