DIY Christmas Wreath For A Furry Friend

Step by Step of a Pinterest inspired project.

So a long time ago I, like everyone else on the planet pinned a bunch of things on Pinterest vowing to change my entire lifestyle with the help of this idea generating wonder that had so suddenly come into my life. Lucky for me more recently present me is coming to benefit from some of the things past me thought were worth saving.

You should probably know that every year I try to handcraft as many of my Christmas gifts as freaking possible. I look at it as a opportunity to learn a new skill or use that valuable extra time that I seem to always have more of an abundance of than money. My most recent adventure (thanks to being stuck inside with an injured doggie) has been to not only post on Buzzfeed, but also to try my hand at some dog toys. I will here to share that experience.

I was lucky to find this fantastic little tutorial on a blg called Yellow Dandy

1. Gather your materials

I went ahead and grabbed a few shirts out of the scrap basket that I keep in my work space. I occasionally print t shirts to sell on etsy and to embarrass my lovely friends. There has been more than one version of that green shirt and luckily Liz has not murdered me yet.

2. Cut your Strips

Karen suggests using 2 shirts to make the toy more colorful. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to cut enough strips from the green and white shirt remnants I had picked first so I had the grey shirt as back up. I didn’t need it.

Anyway, I cut 2 long strips of fabric from the bottom (ish) of each shirt. It seems the thicker the strip the thicker your dog toy will be. Mine were around 3 to 4 inches wide.

3. Attach the Strips

The original post suggested tying them in a knot. I decided to try something a little different with my project since my end goal was to tie it together to make a pretty Christmas wreath looking thing, so I used a binder clip to hold the ends together.

4. Prepare to Braid

I did use Karen’s suggestion of using my knees to hold my project in place. if I had a pin to secure it that might have worked too. You don’t want this thing slipping around on you while you are working on it.

The next step is to separate the strips to start braiding. Since there are 4 you might have realized it will be a bit different than a traditional braid, but this is what will give the toy its stretch.

5. Start Braiding

This next series of steps is what I like to refer to as the fold and loop. I have folded each of the green strips over the white strips, just once each and I have note yet done anything to the white strips.

6. Fold and Loop

I then pulled the white strips ends through the loops created by the green strips in the previous steps. Fold over one strip and under the other.

7. Pull It Tight

As you pull the strands tight (I alternated, pulling the green, then the white, then the green again) they should make this little box looking knot. Once the knot is secure move on and do it again.

8. More Folding

9. More Looping

Pull tight. Repeat as needed.

10. Keep Going

As you continue you will notice this pattern forming as you braid, almost like candy cane stripes. Keep going until you get the length you want, or you almost run out of strip fabric.

11. Tying it Together

I was able to use the little bit of strip I had left on each side (one from when I stopped braiding and one from when I removed the binder clip) to tie both ends together I didn’t use a fancy knot as you can tell, I just knotted the green ends together and the white ends together, one from each side to one from each side, to form a circle.

12. Trim It

I was hoping I had left enough white on each end to be able to tie a pretty convincing bow, but I miscalculated. I trimmed up the excess.

13. The Bow

I cut enough of a white strip from the leftover t shirt to loop around the wreath and make a bow. So there you have it, from printerest to puppy Christmas gift.

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