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10 Memes That Will Make Nursing Students Laugh

This is a list of common things that nursing students go through with funny memes to accompany them.

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1. The anxiety attacks are inevitable.

Via Twitter: @stdntnursememes

There's nothing that compares to the anxiety attack you get when you realize that you have 3 quizzes, 6 tests, 2 papers due, and a lab practical all in one week.

2. Suddenly you become a hypochondriac.


After learning about various diseases, you suddenly become a hypochondriac and start to google any symptom you have that you think may be remotely related to that specific disease

4. You can go ahead and kiss your social life goodbye.


We all know that nursing school leaves absolutely no time for a social life and that can be hard for non-nursing students to understand.

6. There is way too much information to handle.


When you have a 50 question test that is supposed to cover 300 Power Point slides of information, it is very difficult to figure out what exactly to study.

10. Being asked the same question at every family occasion.


Every nursing major knows how it feels to be asked the same question by every family member at every family occasion.

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