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15 Ways To Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Friends

TODAY marks the 20th anniversary of Friends! Friends premiered September 22, 1994 and now almost twenty years later, via reruns, real-life Central Perks, and "surprise” guest appearances, they’re still there for us. Let's pay homage.

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2. Take a tap dancing class, go to an open call audition, call in drunk to work.

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Try something new, and live every day like you’re Manana.

5. Prove that the Geller Cup is rightfully yours.

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Proudly show off your obsession at one of the many Friends trivia nights around NYC. (Trivia AD has a Friends tournament coming up, here's a link to a previous one to give you an idea of how it works)

12. Show off your well of *useful* Friends knowledge and pick apart the plot holes.

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This article lists a few of the lesser known plot holes in Friends. Spend some time re-thinking everything you've ever known (...but let's be real you knew these already.)

15. Live with all of your best friends in a huge rent controlled apartment in the west village.

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...or at least watch the gang live the dream over and over again.

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