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How Much Do You Hate Being Healthy?

How much do you REALLY despise healthy foods? Can you get on Harold from Hey Arnold's level? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. 1. Check All That Apply!

    Marie Claire / Via marieclaire.co.uk
    You’ve never eaten anything green
    The word organic scares you
    You pity people who eat salads…they just look so sad
    The closest you get to fruit are Welch's gummies
    You don’t even know what kale is
    You think lettuce tastes like grass
    You are fully aware of what a Tour de Fast Food is and you’re reigning champ
    You’re not entirely sure what food group quinoa belongs to nor do you care
    You just read the word quinoa as kwee-no-uh
    Your idea of physical activity is walking to the pantry
    You won’t even consider eating a vegetable unless it’s completely covered in ranch
    Fat Bastard is your spirit animal
    Brussel sprouts are your worst enemy
    You can’t pronounce acai
    You don’t know what acai is
    You don’t drink water because you can’t stand un-carbonated drinks
    Wheat and grass are not meant to be gulped
    In your world, there’s only one type of raisin: chocolate covered
    You despise the term vegetable medley because it makes veggies sound fun
    It makes you angry that your parents think Fig Newton’s are an acceptable substitute for cookies
    The idea of not having fast food as part of your daily intake physically pains you
    You don’t know the difference between tempeh and tofu
    What the hell is tempeh?
    Tears roll down your face when someone tells you they enjoy fat-free ice cream

How Much Do You Hate Being Healthy?

You don’t hate being healthy at all. In fact, you’re a health freak! You probably already ran a half marathon this morning and are reading this while making your daily kale smoothie. You definitely only took this quiz for validation on just how healthy you are. Congrats, everyone hates you.

Top Health Remedies / Via tophealthremedies.com
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You mildly hate being healthy. You probably eat healthy all of the time and have one cheat day a week. You enjoy eating healthy more than you don’t, but there are times when you pretend to like wheatgrass smoothies so your fellow hot yoga goers won’t shun you. You’re not quite on the dark side yet, but on your way there.

Eating Well / Via eatingwell.com
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You moderately hate being healthy. You try to eat healthy when you can but aren’t on the health freak train fully. You’re a half-on half-off sock, if you will. You tell everyone that you had an “amazing” salad today but then closet eat a pint of Phish Food. Nice try, you’re not fooling anyone.

FAB University / Via fab-university.com
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You severely hate being healthy. The closest you’ll ever get to eating greens is a fried chicken sandwich with lettuce on it. You laugh in your mom’s face when she tries to put vegetables on your plate. You scoff at the waiter who asks, “Fries or a salad?”. Go forth in your unhealthiness!

Liberty Alliance / Via libertyalliance.com
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You despise being healthy. You’d go as far as to take off the piece of lettuce that comes on fried chicken sandwiches. Fast is your middle name and food is your game. Waiters don’t even ask you, “fries or salad?” because your waiter is a woman named Jean who’s the cashier at McDonald’s and she already knows your order. Your doctor is probably worried. You sweat grease, good for you.

Free Republic / Via freerepublic.com
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